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From education into employment

The Mentorship is a social enterprise that supports recent graduates in their transition from full-time education into professional employment.

It is our mission to provide ongoing training, practical resources and inspiring content for young people as they enter the workforce and build on their careers.

Our Service Pillars


We offer unique mentoring programs and initiatives that enrich creativity and self-development in young people, particularly those who have recently graduated and about to enter the professional workforce.


We research and collate useful resources, technology and ideas which power creative thinking and creative practice, in order to help young people find clarity and confidence as they enter professional industries.


We write, design and develop educational strategies and content that provides young people a strong foundation to find work and build meaningful and sustainable careers.


We are a passionate team of people that thrives by sharing and supporting one another online and offline. Everyone on board The Mentorship, whether as crew member, partner, collaborator or friend, is appreciated as a valued contributor to our overall mission of supporting young Australians.

The Graduate's Guide

Download our latest eBook Where To From Here? A graduate’s guide to building a career during a pandemic.

This little guide was created especially for young jobseekers by The Mentorship crew and is filled with insights and tips on how to navigate the strange times we’re living in and importantly, how to find work and opportunities amidst it all!

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