Founder and Lead Mentor

Eira Joy Aringay is a writer, musician, content strategist and producer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Upon leaving her 9 to 5 job in the corporate media and marketing industry, Eira Joy spent several months re-discovering her passions and exploring new opportunities to take her into the next phase of her professional career.

It wasn’t her original plan, but creative entrepreneurship soon became an intriguing pathway, with all of its risky unknowns and certain obstacles. As Eira Joy continued to search for jobs and take intermittent freelancing gigs, the plight of the unemployed young person once again became familiar to her. She felt as though she was a fresh graduate again, without a clear sense of direction and a fear about the future.

Being jobless, now in her 30s, Eira Joy pondered her place in the world, conscious of society’s expectation of success, but ultimately realising, it was time to take matters into her own hands.

No longer did she want to be defined by her job, or lack thereof, but rather who she was and could be as a complete person. She wanted the same for her peers and especially for those younger than her – she desired for the next generation to feel empowered by who they are and what they can bring to the world beyond simply being ’employed’.

Thus, The Mentorship was born, a creative platform and community to help young people, especially those facing the awkward and confusing period after graduating where opportunities seem scarce and support is rare.

Understanding all phases of the career cycle: being an unemployed graduate to a new employee, to an experienced professional to unemployed again, Eira Joy felt called to share her knowledge and experiences with young Australians longing for guidance in their careers.

Through the power of content and online technologies, Eira Joy always works to ensure that The Mentorship is more than just another education provider, but an immersive, connected and encouraging community where young people can nurture their passions, develop their skills and share their voices.

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