Our Mission

Since 2017, we have been training, mentoring and collaborating with young people who are entering the professional workforce.

For the past 3 years, The Mentorship has been working closely with emerging creators to produce a wide range of educational content across various platforms. There have been (and continue to be) many challenges along the way, but we are more passionate than ever to keep creating valuable content that empowers young people and our community as a collective.

In 2020, Eira Joy launched the Dear Future Boss podcast, providing another wonderful opportunity for young people to share their ideas, stories and experiences. Important and insightful conversations have taken place and more are in the pipeline!

In 2021, we launched The Graduate’s Guide eBook series in order to document our learnings and insights into education and employment in a very accessible, shareable format. As another independently published project, we are proud to offer even more content-making opportunities for young people where there is great scope to learn, work and live creatively.

The Mentorship is here to make sure that young people never stop creating.

We’re here to help the next generation learn to harness their creativity and creating sustainable outcomes from their passions.

We’re here to help young people find their own unique paths whilst being a part of a community that but truly believes in what they can do.

We value collaboration over competition.

We champion potential over experience.

We are a crew of like-minded young people who love making and doing things that help the people around us, that benefit society and leave a lasting impression on the world.

Want to learn more about our mission?
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