Introducing: Alex Russell

Media and Communication Grad, Alex Russell is a multi-talented creator. She is a writer, social media manager and graphic designer who can write blog posts, copy and social media captions. Alex loves working creatively with digital media. She started her own blog The Media Girl where she writes about fashion, people, pop-culture and life.

Adding to her already impressive list of skills, Alex is also interested in videography, photography and podcasting. She recently created a podcast called The Creator Podcast where she interviews up and coming Melbournians working on creative projects.

Alex Russell

What is your dream role and why?

My dream job is a Social Media Coordinator or Copywriter because I love managing socials (particularly Instagram) and creating photo, video and written content for digital media.

Where do you find your inspiration?

On Instagram by seeing what other accounts are doing to present visuals, or information on social media. I also look at online fashion blogs and magazines for how they write to improve on my vocabulary, editing and writing skills.

What artists or creators do you admire and why?

I love Bossy Copywriting because her style is personable, fun, colourful and it packs a punch in terms of grabbing your attention which is super important. I also really love Milkbar Digital and seeing how they create content to suit the Instagram grid. They, like Bossy, are beautifully presented and feel fun and inviting to their followers.

What advice would you like to give your fellow creatives?

That doing anything is great and important. By that I mean that showing people that you love work and creating is a great tool to have because it shows people that you are willing to improve or refine your skills in your field to the point where you are super adaptable in multiple areas.

What is a quote or motto that you live by and why?

“Go with your gut.” I feel like intuition is a really powerful thing and it has always lead me in the right direction even if it was an unknown direction.

Alex is an incredibly talented and motivated creator who is going to make waves in the industry! If you would like to learn more about Alex or support her along her journey check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

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