Introducing: Jess Madden

Jessica Madden is an artistic and creative student of Communications Media.

From working with a concept design to painting backdrops or making wigs, Jess loves all aspects of the creative process. Jess has been a part of the beauty industry since she was 14 years old when she began working as a makeup artist.

She is passionate about producing work that showcases the creative power of beauty and makeup.

What is your dream role and why?

Anything in beauty! When I was a kid I would say I wanted to be a “professional colouring-inner” when I grew up. Now I’m a makeup artist so I’m kind of living my dream!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere. I love trashy, I love colour, I love femme, I love Yugoslavian references, I love my hometown in the country. I find inspiration in $2 shops, Bratz dolls, my town’s country music festival. I find it with Instagram models, the children’s picture book Elizabeth Jane Gets Dressed, as well as with the Gianni Versace fall 91/92 runway show, or even in the rose bush garden across the street. Everywhere.

What artists or creators do you admire and why?

My first point of inspiration is my Nanna. She was a Yugoslav/Italian seamstress who made wedding gowns. She embellished all her pillows and all my dance costumes. I admire her as a creator as she was a true romantic that insisted everything could be beautiful and gaudy with just satin, jewels and a lace trim.

I also greatly admire Gianni Versace and the Haus of Versace for their unapologetically trashy, tacky, glittery contribution to a notoriously snobby and elitist industry.

What advice would you like to give your fellow creatives?

You don’t have to produce the most high concept, obscure, intellectual work in order for it to be valid or good.

What is a quote or motto that you live by and why?

“Loading…it takes time to look this good” – Bratz Rock Angelz, 2005

An important reminder to be present with where you are right now and not expecting perfection from the get-go. It takes work. It takes trial and error. It takes experimentation. It does take time to look this good.

Jess is a unique and inspiring artist. Visit her website to find out more about Jess’s journey and her latest projects. Also check out her Instagram if you’d like to learn more about her style and beauty industry experience. 

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