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media arts internship

An exciting new work experience program for young people aspiring to work within the creative media and arts sector.

*Available only in Melbourne, Australia.

develop your skills

Learn how to apply your craft and develop important skills needed in the creative workforce!

Build your portfolio

Work on real projects that contribute to the community, giving you valuable experience to kickstart your career!

Network with artists

Collaborate with creative professionals and learn about different artistic avenues!

CREATE is an immersive 12-week Internship Program designed to enrich creativity and self-development in young people.

Whether you are a student studying in a creative field or a new graduate looking for career opportunities in the media and arts sector, CREATE exists to help you further develop your skills, build your portfolio and ultimately, empower you to find clarity and purpose in your creative passions and pursuits.

What's Involved

Over a 12-week period, you will be provided hands-on training and mentorship in the exciting role of Content Creator.

You will be assigned specific projects that contribute to our websites and social platforms, providing great scope to practice your creative skills and publish original work.

As a CREATE intern, you will have fantastic opportunities to:

  • Develop copywriting and creative writing skills
  • Build experience in communications and event management
  • Learn about editorial research and curation
  • Learn about digital marketing and strategy
  • Build a creative portfolio 

+ more!

CREATE is also a fantastic way to build your work placement hours and we have the flexibility to tailor your program to accommodate specific requirements.


what you'll receive

CREATE interns will receive:

  • Industry experience and training in the areas of: writing, marketing, photography, journalism and events management

  • Opportunities to network with creative artists and professionals in Melbourne

  • Opportunities to become a regular volunteer contributor at conclusion of the program

  • 50% discount on a 3-month members subscription to The Mentorship

  • Free passes to Laneway Learning classes

  • An Achievement Certificate

  • A Professional Reference


This is a voluntary position that requires some face-to-face contact, however CREATE essentially allows interns to work remotely, allowing great flexibility around school or work commitments.

To apply for this role, you must have / be:

  • Regular access to a computer and the Internet
  • Weekly availability for meetings and shifts within the Melbourne CBD
  • Studying in a creative discipline or newly graduated and job-hunting
  • Willing to commit a minimum 10 hours per week on assigned projects (outside shift hours)



It was such a fun and innovative experience, it pushed me to be more independent and creative. Plus I learnt so much about content creation, social media, strategy and marketing.

Quinlan Li

I recommend this program because it's a great supportive environment in which you can learn to apply creativity and marketing tactics. Thank you for the amazing experience!

Elliott Neagle

I really enjoyed the creative freedom to be able to create content online and interact with other like-minded people. I loved it so much and it's something I'll take on with me in the years to come!

Claudia Bonnici

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