Film & Video

A unique mentoring program for photographers, filmmakers and and all kinds of content creators who are looking for the right guidance, practical resources and support in the pursuit of a career in production services, entertainment and digital industries.

Private Online Mentoring

For Photographers

Learn techniques to build a brand and online portfolio, showcase work on social media, find freelance gigs, networking opportunities and more!

For Filmmakers

Learn about crafting and promoting a show reel, building a career pathway plan, developing relevant industry skills, navigating work opportunities and more!

For Content Creators

Improve skillset across graphic design, social media and content marketing, learn about brand-building, industry networking, freelance opportunities and more!

About The Program

The Photography, Film & Video mentoring program is designed to help content creators of all mediums improve their skills and navigate a career in the professional industry. Sessions are tailored according to the individual students’ needs, whether the goal is to improve creative skills, learn new techniques, apply for job opportunities or build a freelance career.

Our online mentoring enables creators to receive instant live feedback and constructive criticism about their approach to their craft. Every session will provide useful strategies and insights on how to build confidence as a creative practitioner.


You must be actively pursuing your craft, ie. studying, making content, working on improving your skills and/or looking for project opportunities.

You don’t necessarily need to have experience in the industry, we just need to know that you are passionately striving to reach your goals so that we can provide the best support possible to help you achieve your desired results!

Recommended Preparation

Do you need to build a show reel or creative portfolio? Are you looking for a job in media and entertainment? Are you struggling to make sense of the industry and where you fit in?

This program is designed to help you with any and all of these challenges so simply prepare to be open and honest with where you are at. If you’re a photographer, let’s get your work out there in the world, if you’re a filmmaker, let’s bring your creative vision to life!

Program Structure

Our Mentoring Programs are available in 3 package options: 1 x 1 hour, 3 x 1 hour or 5 x 1 hour online sessions.

A simple one-time upfront payment is required and the more sessions you purchase, the lower the hourly cost. Enrolment is confirmed as soon as you book your first session, based on the time that suits you best.

Given the flexibility of online training, there are no specific term dates and you can enrol at any time, provided you can commit to fulfilling all of your purchased sessions within a 12-week period.

If you decide to enrol in the 3 x 1 hour or 5 x 1 hour program, after your first session, it will be your responsibility to book your remaining sessions. We will provide you the relevant links to do so, but it is in your initiative to follow through.

Since enrolment involves a one-time non-refundable fee – the effort you put into the program will determine how effective the outcomes will be for your particular situation.

Program Design

Every session will be tailored to your specific needs as a content creator – your mentor will advise and provide you feedback and insights depending on what will be most useful to you for the stage you are at.

Below are a few examples of what may be covered in a single mentoring session:

  • Get feedback on your current work/portfolio
  • Learn how to build a professional website
  • Learn about industry and career pathways
  • Discover new opportunities to find gigs
  • Create an action plan towards achieving your creative goals

Our goal is to ensure that every one of our students comes out of the program with greater clarity and confidence about their creative pursuits, but it only works if you are on the same page and ready to learn, commit and do the work to get there!

Personal Development

This unique mentoring program is first and foremost, designed to help you develop your current skills and acquire new skills that are relevant to your craft and target industry. We are here to provide practical guidance so that you can pursue your desired career with confidence and direction.

Constructive Feedback

One of the greatest benefits of this program is to have your work critiqued by a creative professional who has your best interests as a content maker at heart. Unlike any training you will receive at an arts school or university, your mentor will provide you honest and productive feedback that is relevant to your chosen career pathway.

Creative Opportunities

The Mentorship believes that it is within our power to create our own career and life opportunities, rather than simply wait for them to arise.

Hence this program promises to offer you strategic recommendations and useful resources that will empower you to cultivate your own career opportunities and network with the right people as you work towards realising your dreams.

Taking part in this program also grants you access to the Talent Feature section of The Mentorship website, to support you with exposure and future networking opportunities.

At the conclusion of your program, you will receive a creative evaluation document that will consist of a performance assessment and recommendations based on your personal career goals. Our hope is that this evaluation will give you a solid foundation for continuing to improve on your skills, as well as to help steer you confidently in your chosen career direction.

Mentoring Packages

Once you select your desired package, simply click the button then follow the prompts to schedule the time that best suits for your initial session. Upfront payment is required for all packages to confirm program enrolment. 


1 x 1 hr session


3 x 1 hr sessions


5 x 1 hr sessions

Questions about this program? Get in touch!