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Working with young people aged 16 to 28?

Here’s how we can support you…

The Mentorship is passionate about connecting the dots between education and employment, especially as it pertains to the success and fulfilment young people.

In order to do this effectively, we are always on the search to have meaningful discussions and collaborations with people on both sides and as an educator, YOU are an integral part of how we can carry out our mission.

It’s no secret that unemployment and underemployment are huge issues impacting young Australians and since we share such concerns in this arena, it makes sense to band together in support of the new generation of workers.

Rather than madly trying to solve all of the problems from within our own little bubbles, perhaps we can each emerge to meet on neutral ground, helping one another create stackable solutions.

Here are the key ways we can work together in support of what you do as an educator and for the benefit of the young people you represent:


We are pleased to offer an open and flexible 2-way referral process that provides valuable benefits for Educators and Youth alike!

1. Tell us about a young person who…

  • is confused about what to do after they graduate
  • is looking to volunteer and gain work experience
  • needs to develop communication skills
  • needs to develop critical thinking skills
  • has a passion for creativity
  • is curious about creativity

2. Tell a young person about us!

If you represent a young person who is independent and ambitious, please let them know about The Mentorship and all of the in-house initiatives that they can get involved in. We are always on the lookout for young contributors to our creative projects!

We also have a range of mentoring programs available, where we offer in-depth advice and support in a friendly online environment; as an alternative to traditional counselling and education.

Young people 18+ are free to book sessions directly, otherwise youth aged 16-17 are encouraged to be sponsored by a parent or teacher, who is most welcome to also take part in the online sessions.


We love taking action and getting right to the creating solutions part, but we also that know that it’s often best to assess every specific situation and problem first! We make this possible by opening up our communication channels and welcoming initial discussions and brainstorms.

If you work in the education or youth support sector and are looking for external assistance, please do get in touch with our team! We’re all ears when it comes to your current your challenges regarding the future of youth employment, and we are ready to offer our ideas and guidance – as much or as little of it as you need!

Our founder Eira Joy is most happy to meet with you, feel free to book a time below!

We're in your corner

If you’re a teacher, counsellor, mentor, youth worker or any mix/variant of these, we want you to know that we’re in your corner! We hope that you see The Mentorship as an ally of the great work you’re already doing, and as a dependable associate to call on.

For Parents…

Alternatively, you might have come across our website as a parent of a young person who has just completed from high school or is a current university/TAFE student or graduate.

Given the state of youth unemployment in Australia (particularly given the current socioeconomic climate), you might be worried about your child and their future security.

Know that we wholeheartedly understand the feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, confusion and helplessness during life’s transition phases and we are here to offer guidance and support!

If you are a concerned parent of a young person confused about their career pathway and economic future, we would love to hear from you and explore how we can help. More than ever, people across sectors and within our local community must join forces and build solid foundations to enable the next generation to thrive.

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