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It is an ever-changing world and the economic landscape is rapidly shifting, sometimes unpredictably and always without certainty.

As a small business ourselves, The Mentorship understands the need for better support when it comes to sustaining the viability of products and services in these challenging times.

It’s a big ask to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in order to remain competitive in the market, much more when you’re running on skeleton staff or there’s no resources to up-skill or train new employees to do the necessary work!

But we believe there’s a better way to manage it all. And it starts with all of us opening up our communication channels. An important part of The Mentorship mission is to break the barriers that currently exist between the education, corporate, small business and non-profit sectors, especially as it relates to the nurturing of the next generation.

Our belief is that an integral component in helping us find and implement solutions to our collective problems is: The Youth of Today.

The severe disconnect between education and the workforce means that there are talented and skilled young people without jobs, and workplaces without the adequate resources or personnel to keep up with advancing industries.

It makes sense therefore, that by focusing on nurturing young jobseekers into employment, all parties are better placed to grow and thrive in the dynamic socioeconomic environment we all operate within.

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  • Find out how our creative approach can power up your company’s goals and processes.


  • Connect with our founder Eira Joy to explore opportunities toion of workers.
  • We are always looking to collaborate with all kinds of professionals who want to be part of the conversation around youth employment, education, careers and creativity.

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