For Jobseekers

So you can’t get a job because you don’t have experience?

…we’ve got you covered!

Are you a recent high school or university graduate?

Are you feeling a little anxious or confused about navigating the real world?

Are you actively searching and applying for jobs and getting nowhere?

If any of these sound like you, we’re so glad that you’re here!

Because at The Mentorship, we understand where you’re coming from – we’ve been there ourselves! It’s our ongoing mission to help you find the answers and solutions in ways we wish existed back then.

Grow With Us

Since 2017, our founder Eira Joy has been working on solutions to help young people face the many challenges that come after full-time education. Whether you’re 18 and not sure what to do after high school, or 25 and feeling lost even with your university degree, our mentoring programs are invaluable to your learning and growth as young adult in the real world.

Sure, a Google search will bring you to a plethora of resources on finding jobs and general career advice, but there is nothing that can compare to one-on-one mentoring with someone who genuinely cares about your future.

Our Lead Mentor Eira Joy is incredibly passionate about giving young people a platform to express themselves and tell their stories. By enrolling in one of our mentoring programs, you will have the opportunity to connect with someone who will truly listen, understand and support you in your specific situation.

We know just how difficult transition phases are to navigate and we’re ready to help you find the clarity, confidence and direction in your life goals and aspirations. Meeting face-to-face has numerous benefits and will provide you the accountability you need to build a meaningful career, especially at a time that feels so uncertain and impossible.

Don’t waste another second feeling worried or helpless, get mentored today!

We train and mentor

+ University students

+ Recent graduates

+ Jobseekers under 30

+ Emerging freelancers

The Graduate's Guide

Download our latest eBook Where To From Here? A graduate’s guide to building a career during a pandemic.

This little guide was created especially for young jobseekers by The Mentorship crew and is filled with insights and tips on how to navigate the strange times we’re living in and importantly, how to find work and opportunities amidst it all!

Your Creative Community

As much as technology has advanced and our suite of options have broadened, we can still feel limited as young people to build the confidence, to earn the respect and to simply be given a chance by older generations. We crave opportunities to gain experience in the real workforce so we can start creating a sustainable future for ourselves and the generations that follow us.

The Mentorship is here to help you learn how to harness your creativity and find passion in what appears to be the mundaneness of adulthood. We’re here to help you find your own unique path whilst being a part of a community that not only gets it, but truly believes in it.

Creative thinking and making is at the heart of our mission because we believe that creativity is the key to solving problems, discovering purpose, thriving in our work and finding meaning in our lives.

It is through creating – making things – that you learn more about who you are and what you want to achieve in life. It is a way to connect, explore and imagine all the exciting possibilities of the future ahead!

Create With Us

Browse Our Projects page to see what we’re working on! If you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch to learn more about our collaboration process.

Why get involved in our projects?

  • You will have the opportunity to explore an exisiting passion or an area of interest/curiosity.
  • You will learn and develop practical, high-demand skills such as writing, editing, content production, digital publishing, social media and marketing.
  • You will have opportunities to get work published online which will help you build your job portfolio and resume.
  • You will gain invaluable experience working in a team and within specific project parameters.
  • You will meet and collaborate with like-minded people who are passionate about supporting you in your job and career endeavours.

Hang with the crew

Everyone on board The Mentorship is here not only to find support, but to give it back as well!

Jumping on board The Mentorship grants you access to a wide range of opportunities to share your knowledge, skills and talents for the benefit of others. By sharing your insights and experiences with our community, you can provide valuable support to other young people facing similar challenges along their career journey.

There is nothing more encouraging than a group of people banding together and cheering each other on! Interested in being a part of the crew? Contact us today!

Looking for work?

Get mentored.

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Unsure about any of the above?

If you’re currently unemployed, really unhappy with your job situation or just all-round confused about the future, we are here for you!

If the above options are a little overwhelming right now and you just want someone to chat with, our Founder Eira Joy is more than happy to have a quick chat to help you figure out your next move. You are welcome to book a free 30 minute discovery session here!