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Bridging The Gaps

As an organisation that seeks to bridge the gap between young people and the workforce, The Mentorship’s service offerings are diverse and innovative. Our key focus is ensuring that emerging workers of the future generations are provided adequate training, resources, support and opportunities to develop their skills as they enter professional working environments, and most especially, feel prepared and confident to apply for work, let alone participate and contribute once once on the job.

The Mentorship’s initiatives are geared towards up-skilling and supporting young people through our mentoring programs, online content and courses; whilst our consulting and partnership offerings seek to assist businesses with youth recruitment and engagement.

We are great advocates of this twofold approach, having witnessed the multiple benefits of sharing value and collaborating creatively. In the dynamic social and economical landscape of our current times, The Mentorship believes it to be more important than ever to think about our collective future and take constructive action in working together – across generations, sectors and industries – breaking through established and unnecessary barriers.

For Jobseekers


Supporting graduates and young jobseekers is the cornerstone of The Mentorship mission.

For over 3 years, we have been offering private and affordable in-person and remote mentoring services to young people aged 18 to 30, where transitionary employment support is severely lacking.

Our mentoring is available directly via our online programs or through word-of-mouth referrals.


We recognise that some young people prefer independent learning or may not require an immersive mentoring experience.

The Mentorship online courses are designed as flexible self-learning programs, which do not compromise on value when it comes to career building. The goal of every course is to help a young person achieve greater clarity and confidence in their career pursuits and take effective action towards finding and sustaining meaningful employment.


For Businesses


As a social enterprise, The Mentorship is interested in the shared value proposition of every endeavour. In other words, whether a short or long term arrangement is on the table, we always ensure that our collaborations are mutually beneficial and harness creativity for the advantage of young people.

We like to partner with youth-focused organisations and any other business or organisation who shares our mission of supporting and empowering the future generations.


With over a decade of experience in the media industry, The Mentorship founder Eira Joy Aringay offers bespoke consulting services to small businesses and individuals looking for content strategy and marketing support.

Whether you are looking to up-skill your current staff members or recruit new talent, Eira Joy is more than happy to support you in developing and implementing creative ways to increase your sales and inspire your team.

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