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Creative partnership opportunities for dynamic businesses and organisations.

Founded in 2017, The Mentorship is a resource collective of practical tools, inspiring content and at its fundamental core, a community that empowers young people as they navigate life after secondary and/or tertiary education.

As an extension of this mission, we partner with businesses and organisations to develop programs that positively impact our wider community.

Our focus is in helping young people develop the soft skills required to look for jobs and subsequently, succeed in the workforce, as well as enhance their understanding of how to apply their studies, skills, knowledge and experience in structured employment settings.

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Bridging The Gaps

The Mentorship recognises the growing issues faced by both young jobseekers and small businesses and is passionate about developing and implementing initiatives that provide impactful and efficient solutions to our collective challenges.

We are continually exploring strategies and programs that help foster better outcomes for students and graduates, in their transition to the professional workforce.

In turn, we believe in the positive impact our programs can also have on the employment sector, helping business owners and managers better prepare for and operate within the fast-evolving nature of Industry 4.0.

Whilst many companies and organisations are focusing their resources on data, technology and digital trends, The Mentorship chooses to focus primarily on people, and our capacity to thrive through soft-skill development, creative collaboration and shared value.

Why partner with us?

A partnership with The Mentorship has great scope in accomplishing 2 key objectives:

  1. Provide small businesses and organisations unique and efficient access to emerging talent and subsequently, quality support and creative content to use their marketing initiatives (eg. blog articles, social media posts, images and video).
  2. Provide students and graduates invaluable experience in working for established brands and companies, allowing them to develop their skills and build their portfolios, supporting their transition to the professional workforce.

Such collaboration will help positively address the ongoing needs of both parties:

  • Small businesses who lack resources to create marketing content
  • Young creative jobseekers who lack professional experience

The Mentorship acts not only as recruiter and mediator between company and young person, but as educator and mentor, ensuring that the young person produces and delivers content in alignment with the company’s brand and vision.

This model thus dispels any concerns an employer may have with regards to inexperience and lack of resources to train and manage workflow.

At first instance, the company is to thoroughly brief The Mentorship according to their business goals and content marketing needs, which forms the basis of how a young person is recruited and trained.

Case Study: Laneway Learning Partnership

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Client Testimonials

“Throughout the past year, in partnership with The Mentorship, we’ve developed a series of 6 podcasts sharing stories of young people’s experiences during the pandemic. Eira guided us through the development, production and promotion of our podcast with incredible detail and sophistication. This partnership allowed our young people to gain invaluable skills in the podcast development space, whilst also sharing our podcast to a much greater audience than what we could reach alone. We could not recommend partnering with The Mentorship enough.”

— Lillian Dunn
Youth Programs Support Worker,
Moreland City Council Youth Services


“Eira was a pleasure to work with and her mentorship program made the world of difference to the day to day. She is professional, thorough and considerate. I admire her ability to develop and encourage talent in her mentees.”

— Clare Macdonald
City Manager, Laneway Learning

“Partnering with The Mentorship has been extremely beneficial for our organisation. We had the opportunity to work with amazing young people who hosted our classes and created content for our blog and social media channels. Having an expert such as Eira to recruit and supervise the interns meant the program ran smoothly, giving me peace of mind to focus on other aspects. I would certainly recommend The Mentorship and hope to use the service again next year.”

— Maria Yebra
General Manager, Laneway Learning


“The project brief focussed on developing a batch of podcasts involving young people talking about Covid and the impact it had on their lives and their communities throughout 2020. Fraught with numerous challenges courtesy of working solely on an online environment, Eira and Ezra were able to overcome all obstacles and produce outstanding results. Their attention to detail, thorough understanding of the subject matter and personable approach ensured the entire experience was completely enjoyable and it exceeded all our expectations.”

— Liam Walsh
Community Development Youth Worker,
Moreland City Council

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