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One-on-one professional mentoring for young people ready to make a positive difference in the world.

The Mentorship’s private online mentoring programs are unlike any other. They offer unique, immersive and enriching experiences for young people as they transition from education into the professional workforce or explore alternative career pathways.

Our programs focus not just on making creative content and sharing creative ideas – but empowering creative people from the inside out. We truly believe that finding joy and cultivating success comes from within, and it is our mission to instil confidence, courage and a passionate work ethic in all of our mentees.

Because we know, by supporting the next generation of creative thinkers and makers, our future is in good hands.

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Lead Mentor

Eira Joy Aringay is a writer, musician, content strategist and producer living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

After a decade working in the commercial media and marketing industries, Eira Joy left the corporate sector to launch The Mentorship, a social enterprise with a mission to educate and empower a new generation of creative thinkers and makers.

As a multi-passionate creator herself, Eira Joy is dedicated to supporting young people who aspire to use their creativity to contribute positively to the world. She is ready to help you find clarity about your career, find confidence in your skills and cultivate a life of purpose and fulfilment – enrol in a mentoring program today!

Mentee Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your session Eira, I have never had a mentoring session so was not sure of what to expect but I feel a lot more confident in moving towards my career/life pursuits. Definitely worth it, you have an awesome gift!

You really helped me make sense of what I am interested in and where to go from there.  I have been feeling very confused so thank you for your kind encouragement and suggestions.”

Abby Sirisomphone
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Auckland

Eira and The Mentorship have opened my eyes to my strength as a graduate. The support she has given me has been a godsend because I have been able to grow my knowledge and skills. The services that Eira offers to graduates who are trying to navigate their next move/s is fantastic. She also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that she shares with each graduate.”

— Maria Romas
Bachelor of Communications (Media), RMIT University

“The best part of the program was getting to work so closely with an industry professional and to get insights into the working world that are generally unavailable to students. I also loved working with someone who has a genuine passion for creativity, and wanted to encourage me to build my own passions – I’ve yet to come across that in my course or working world.”

— Lewis Forrester
Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne


“Eira was an extraordinary mentor who I could come to for advice in the several months I was working with her. She was always welcoming and a great collaborator. There was never a situation where I felt Eira couldn’t help me with a task, or I couldn’t learn something from one of our meetings. She’s become a lifelong mentor through the program with The Mentorship.”

— Darcy Read
Bachelor of Communications (Media), RMIT University
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