Mentoring Programs

Looking for work? Get Mentored.

Our Mentoring Programs are one of the most unique and valuable offerings available to young jobseekers of all backgrounds. They provide access to one-on-one online sessions with an industry professional whose primary mission is to help young people succeed and find fulfilment in their future endeavours.

All programs give mentees the opportunity to ask questions regarding career pathways, jobs, gigs and projects, as well as receive advice on personal and skill development in relation to their specific goals and aspirations.

The Mentorship acknowledges that every person has a unique voice and purpose and is passionate about unearthing potential and encouraging today’s youth to give their best to the world. We ensure that our mentoring is both educational and enjoyable in ways that are different to traditional learning systems. Every one of our programs is designed to provide foundational support through a positive and nurturing relationship between mentor and mentee.

Current Programs

Career Pathway Planning

6 Weeks | $475 AUD

This one-on-one online mentoring program is designed to help you achieve clarity and confidence in your career pursuits.

You may have a range of different interests and passions, and deciding on what exact career path to pursue can often feel overwhelming.

The antidote to overwhelm is action and this training will guide you to create a viable action plan towards your aspirations, whilst gaining a better understanding of yourself and your purpose in the world.

Resume Refresh

4 Weeks | $350 AUD

This one-on-one mentoring program focuses on developing your professional resume, both in traditional hardcopy format, as well as online via LinkedIn.

In our digital age, it might seem that the ‘Curriculum Vitae’ is an outdated concept but for a new graduate, a solid CV is still an essential item in your jobseeker toolkit.

This program is designed to help you improve the way you present yourself in job applications, particularly in the form of professional CV.

Single Sessions

Are you in need of support but not looking to commit to a structured program?

Our Founder and Lead Mentor Eira Joy Aringay offers bespoke one-off sessions to help you along your job search and career building journey.

Feel free to book a time that suits you by following the links and prompts below!

Jobseeker CV Review

A live online session providing an audit of your current resume with practical strategies for improvement and general job search advice.

  • 45-minute Zoom video call
  • One-off fee of $55.00 AUD

Career Mentoring

An online mentoring session for recent university graduates, young jobseekers or freelancers looking for career advice, resources and support.

  • 60-minute Zoom video call
  • One-off fee of $75.00 AUD

Mentee Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your session Eira, I have never had a mentoring session so was not sure of what to expect but I feel a lot more confident in moving towards my career/life pursuits. Definitely worth it, you have an awesome gift!

You really helped me make sense of what I am interested in and where to go from there.  I have been feeling very confused so thank you for your kind encouragement and suggestions.”

Abby Sirisomphone
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Auckland

Eira and The Mentorship have opened my eyes to my strength as a graduate. The support she has given me has been a godsend because I have been able to grow my knowledge and skills. The services that Eira offers to graduates who are trying to navigate their next move/s is fantastic. She also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that she shares with each graduate.”

— Maria Romas
Bachelor of Communications (Media), RMIT University

“The best part of the program was getting to work so closely with an industry professional and to get insights into the working world that are generally unavailable to students. I also loved working with someone who has a genuine passion for creativity, and wanted to encourage me to build my own passions – I’ve yet to come across that in my course or working world.”

— Lewis Forrester
Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne


“Eira was an extraordinary mentor who I could come to for advice in the several months I was working with her. She was always welcoming and a great collaborator. There was never a situation where I felt Eira couldn’t help me with a task, or I couldn’t learn something from one of our meetings. She’s become a lifelong mentor through the program with The Mentorship.”

— Darcy Read
Bachelor of Communications (Media), RMIT University