Resume Refresh

4-Week Mentoring Program

Have you been applying for jobs for months and feel like you’re getting nowhere?

Have you been using the same resume for ages and in need of a professional CV makeover?

Have you just graduated and don’t know what to put on your resume or how to even write one?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, join the club! We’ve been through all of this uncertainty and confusion ourselves, and understand how challenging life is after school. But that’s precisely why we’re here, ready to help you start planting seeds of confidence and ultimately, finding the work opportunities that you really, really want.

The Resume Refresh course aims to help young jobseekers of all backgrounds who might be experiencing any of the above challenges and more.

Sure, many of us learn the basics of CV writing at some stage during our schooling, but what we gain is simply that – the bare basics of what a resume is and its function in the working world.

The Mentorship believes the resume serves a greater purpose – we see it as a living document that reflects not only our skills and achievements, but who we are and our vision for the future.

Our resumes are more than just pieces of paper we use to apply for jobs, they provide opportunities to learn and better understand what we want in life, and help us build confidence in the direction we want to take our careers.

About The Program

The Resume Refresh program is designed to help young jobseekers of any background improve the way they present themselves in job applications, particularly in the form of professional CV.

In our digital age, it might seem that the ‘Curriculum Vitae’ is an outdated concept – what with companies hiring people with creative video resumes and social media pitches – but for a fresh graduate especially, a solid CV is still an essential item in your jobseeker toolkit.

The RR mentoring sessions are tailored according to your individual needs, whether the goal is build a brand new professional resume, audit and update your current one, and/or learn how to re-adapt your CV for publishing on LinkedIn.


You must either be a current tertiary student, or recently graduated and considering your options for future study or work. You must be committed to spending the time to plan and work on career-building strategies with your mentor. It would be ideal for mentees to have regular access to the Internet and phone, with the ability to complete weekly exercises through some form of writing materials (pen, paper, tablet or computer).

Recommended Preparation

This program is all about helping you develop and publish a professional resume in both hardcopy and digital format. Before your first session, we recommend that you think about your current job goals and aspirations – are you just looking to gain experience in different environments or are you ready for a more permanent and long-term engagement?

If you are clear on your immediate goals, with some idea of what you hope your next 5 years looks like, it will be easier to craft a more authentic and effective CV.

We also recommend that you schedule specific days or times to work on this program, to ensure that you can complete tasks around your current work or study commitments.

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Program Structure

Our Mentoring Programs are a flexible and affordable solution for all young people looking for career advice and support.

All of our programs are conducted 100% online and/or by phone, with regular email and Zoom chat support available to mentees.

The Resume Refresh program consists of 4 x 1 hour video meetings (1 per week), with the delegation of written tasks and creative exercises for the mentee to complete in their own time.

Enrolling in this program requires upfront payment prior to the first scheduled mentoring session.

Given the flexibility of online training, there are no specific term dates and you can enrol at any time, provided you can commit to fulfilling all of the requirements within the program timeframe.

It will be the mentee’s responsibility to book the video sessions – we will provide you the relevant links to do so, but it is in your initiative to follow through.

Since enrolment involves a non-refundable fee – the effort you put into the program will determine how effective the outcomes will be for your particular situation.

Program Design

Every session will be tailored to your specific needs as an active jobseeker. Your mentor will advise and provide you feedback and insights depending on what will be most useful to you for the stage you are at.

Below are a few examples of what may be covered in a single mentoring session:
  • Map out your short and long-term career goals
  • Get feedback on your current CV & job application method
  • Brainstorm and workshop ideas and concerns
  • Learn resume writing techniques & strategies
  • Gain insights into the changing job landscape
Our goal is to ensure that every one of our mentees comes out of the program with greater clarity and confidence about career and life trajectory, but it only works if you are on the same page and ready to learn, commit and do the work to get there!

Personal Development

This unique mentoring program is first and foremost, designed to help you better understand yourself and your goals. We are here to provide both personal and practical guidance so that you can pursue your desired career with confidence and direction.

Beyond The Program

The Mentorship believes that the art of creating a resume is invaluable not only to your career growth, but to your personal growth as a unique individual. Hence this program promises to offer a safe environment to voice your thoughts and concerns, and workshop ideas to find meaningful employment whilst building a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Taking part in this program also opens you up to new ways of being involved with The Mentorship, connecting you with like-minded young people who truly care and want to support you with future opportunities. Be sure speak to your mentor at the conclusion of your program to find out more!

Resume Refresh


  • 4 x 1 hour video meetings
  • Weekly tasks & exercises
  • Minimum 3 hours of work per week
  • Email & Zoom chat support


Total Program Fee: $350.00 AUD

Payment Terms:
Upfront payment is required at time of enrolment.
Course fees are non-refundable, so if you decide not to continue the program at any stage, we will not be able to issues reimbursements for any unused time.

* Please note that this program requires great dedication and commitment. We are serious about helping you achieve your career goals, but in order to be successful, you must also be prepared to work hard and stay passionate!


  1. Receive honest, constructive feedback on your current resume (as audited by an industry professional)
  2. Learn effective writing strategies and techniques and develop a job-search ready, professional resume
  3. Identify areas for improvement in your job search and application process
  4. Build confidence in presenting yourself as a worthy candidate for your desired employment