The Mentorship crew is made up of some very talented and versatile young creatives in Australia. Get to know our amazing team below!

Ezra May Aringay

content EDITOR

Ezra May is a multi-passionate creator across a wide range of mediums – music, video, photography, social media and design. She is always creating and curating, driven by a deep love for film, television and the performing arts.

Gabrielle Downes


Gabrielle is an Arts graduate from the University of Melbourne. She is an avid reader and learner, with a great passion for history and travel, and the desire to share meaningful content through the power of the written word.

Claudia Bonnici

content creatoR

Claudia is a content creator with a passion for mental health advocacy.  She aims to utilise her skills in writing and social media to produce content that helps and inspires people.

Isabel Viavattene

video producer

Isabel is a recent Media graduate from RMIT University. She is a passionate visual storyteller with particular interests in television, video and documentary filmmaking.

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